Who are you?

We all tend to give temporary answers to this question.

‘I live in X and I work at Y’.

And that’s fine. Those details are helpful signposts and they make good introductions.

But our internal definitions of ourselves often follow the same pattern.

We focus on the temporary things and ignore the permanent ones.

And we feel adrift and off-course when the temporary things change.

Next time you ask yourself who you are (it happens more often than you’d think), give permanent answers instead.

‘I was born in A, my mum’s name is B, my kid’s name is C. I do D every day.’

These kind of details are difficult or downright impossible to change.

Yes, this means your recent promotion or raise won’t be a part of the story you tell yourself.

But it also means you’ll feel less lost when the world shifts around you.

That’s a worthwhile trade, isn’t it?

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